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Virtual Realities

Wow .. Wow .. Wow .. This new 3D view in Google Earth left my astonished. Unfortunately the panorama view mapping is only available for New York at the moment but I am sure Google will implement it for other cities around the globe soon. For architects and urban planners this is a powerful tool.

So open Google Earth and fly to New York for a short break … Enjoy the trip

… and the best is that no volcano cloud can stop your virtual trip.

open source_

The open source fever is spreading into more and more fields. Even products that are available free of charge already such as Google Maps becoming a powerful concurrence from a community generated project called OpenStreetMap.

For architects this is a fantastic source of research since the maps have a lot of detail that is missing in Google Maps or Bing Maps such as street lights, crossings etc. In Berlin even the animals in the Zoo are mapped in OpenStreetMap. A fantastic new resource that is expanding constantly with our help.

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